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Celebrating New Year

Let's get this party started.
It's time to make sh*t happen.

Daydreams. Dreams. Manifestations. 

Doesn't matter what you call them. They could be big, small, medium-sized, one-size-fits-most.

The point is to create them, share them, and welcome them into your life.

Hi there, I'm Jenny.

Jenny Dipasupil | Photo by Nasreen I. Photography


Thanks for stopping by! I'm excited you're here, ready to make sh*t happen. The good sh*t, that is.

With the best therapists getting booked up fast, it's good to know that highly effective coaches like me are here to help individuals like you reach their goals.

Navigating dreams on your own can take a LONG TIME. Let's save you the heartache and disappointment and get you manifesting with a modern day process that actually WORKS.


I can help you manifest:

  • A dream relationship.

  • A dream community.

  • A dream home.

  • A dream job.

  • A dream career.

  • A dream business.

We'll be a great fit to work together if:

  • You're open to trying new things.

  • You're looking to change your life.

  • You've got a fire in you to be authentic.

  • You're ready to believe and trust in yourself.​​


Sound like you? Let's meet!

Want to know more about me? Skip to my bio.

Curious about the benefits of coaching? Skip to our sessions.


I know, I know. I resisted the path to coaching for a long time because of cringey associations with Tony Robbins. I get it!


Let's erase that weird feeling and create a fresh, new impression of coaching (AND manifestation).

This new wave of coaches is more down-to-earth and less over-the-top. We're real people with real personalities and a message that cannot be ignored.


Mark Groves, Lacy Phillips, and John Kim were the first coaches to genuinely inspire me to do something different with my life. 

It was coaching (not therapy) that lit a fire under my *ss and set in motion a wild unfolding of amazing sh*t. 


At the start of the pandemic and months after a tough breakup, I learned so much from a great boundaries course by Create The Love, the coaching brand of Mark Groves.


A Mark Groves podcast episode with Lacy Phillips led me to her brand To Be Magnetic and when I joined The Pathway, their online platform, my life CHANGED in an instant.

Thanks to TBM, I got back to dreaming!


I never used to let myself dream. It felt too foolish and scary until something about Lacy's system of manifestation made me realize that I hadn't been asking for what I truly wanted in life.


It was wild to realize how low my self-worth was at the time. After starting TBM's work, I was led to seek out one-to-one career coaching which is when things really began to take off. 


Working with Sara of Cardy Career Coaching impacted me in three powerful ways: 1. She helped me heal attachment wounds. 2. She facilitated my healing from burnout. 3. She got me going on changing careers.


And now, after investing in even more coaching and coaching education, I'm saving up to join the supportive community of Lumia's evidence-based life coaching training program cofounded by John Kim AKA The Angry Therapist.

I'm excited to be part of a ground-breaking field that's consistently striving for high standards and ethics with the ICF (International Coaching Federation) leading the way.


Before I sought out coaching, I was just going through the motions like a zombie.

It was the same daily grind, day after boring (and stressful!) day. Struggle to wake up. Rush out the door to get anxious at work. Come home. Feel tired. Smoke weed. Eat my feelings. Go to bed. Repeat.

On top of that, I was in relationships that were draining and sucking the life out of me.


It gets old, FAST, but you can't get yourself out of it. Weeks, months go by in a fog until the universe is like, "NAH. We can't let you go on like this." You get woken up by a major life event. You get earthquaked.


It was a bad breakup and multiple burnouts that rock bottomed me into searching for that missing piece. 


It all started to make sense when I began to understand that it wasn't more healing I needed. 

At the time, I was no longer smoking weed and I was becoming more aware of my addictions. One of them turned out to be getting hooked to the high of healings.

I know, sounds wild, but it's not unusual to get stuck in a healing loop.

Numbing and escaping make it easy to keep repeating the same self-sabotaging patterns over and over and over again. The cycles don't stop until you literally get sick and tired of your own bullsh*t (or when someone calls you out on them!).

The resistance builds and builds until one day it hits you like a ton of bricks. It was physical symptoms in my body that began to wake me up to the one message that I needed to hear loud and clear: "STOP PEOPLE PLEASING!"


It took me YEARS to accept that I needed to take radical self-responsibility in order to change.


I'm so thankful there was something in me that KNEW there was way more to life than the pain I kept experiencing.

I went down a path of learning and growing with Cardy Career Coaching, Mark Groves, To Be Magnetic, Maryam Hasnaa, Cyndi Dale, Linda Thai, and The Embody Lab.

I stopped hiding. I started speaking up for myself. I discovered that the missing piece was actually me, like the REAL ME. I got comfortable being my full, authentic self.

It's this welcome back home that brings your soul back online. You'll hear, "THANK YOU. FINALLY! What took you so long?" when you commit to expressing your truth. This drive to be authentic is the fuel for manifesting your dreams.


Take your time deciding! What feels most beneficial? Meeting me, a new therapist, or a mentor?


What's the difference between the three?

Coaching is a collaborative partnership towards a goal. In our case, the goal is making a dream come true. 


The primary aim of therapy is diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. Mentoring is being advised by the person who's done the thing you want to do.


All three can happen at once or in any combination. While coaching is NOT a replacement for therapy, it's a great adjunct.


Coaching is most effective when you have a stable starting point. Our work together can maintain your sense of safety and expand it in order to hold the hard stuff so you can fully embody your authentic dreams. 


Have questions or need a sliding scale rate? Don't hesitate to reach out! Contact me here.

Exploring Nature


Let's clear the blocks of fear and self-doubt so you can get comfy dreaming.


From there, I'll take you on a journey to meet your future self. It's the version of you that knows what it takes to embody your dreams.

In our life coaching sessions, we'll focus on what matters most TO YOU. Here's a glimpse of what's possible when you partner with me. 


+ You'll save time, money, and energy learning the skill sets that will make it possible to change your life NOW.

+ You'll actually have fun learning how to fine tune your manifestation process and master your nervous system.

+ You'll clear the blocks to dreaming, manifesting, and being in creative flow with neuroscience-backed tools.

+ You'll see and feel the immediate results of changes in the quality of your relationships.

+ You'll enjoy the process of seeing your vision come to life by growing your capacity to sit with uncertainty.

+ You'll gain lasting confidence as you overcome the obstacles to your dreams using the skills learned in our sessions.


Writing is a fun way to bring ideas to life. It's also incredibly healing and stress-relieving.

In our writing sessions, we'll tap into the joy of writing minus the worry of what needs to happen after we get pen to paper.

Sessions are by donation only in an effort to provide an accessible therapeutic resource.

Free writing is my go-to tool for generating new ways of thinking and off-loading the heaviness of an overthinking brain. It also helps me really feel my feelings.

In addition to the mental health benefits of writing, it can be a tool for decision making and problem solving.


I've been journal writing since the third grade. I did a massive journal dump after my divorce which was SO HEALING. I write my own prayers when I'm needing extra support. The list goes on!


Worried about privacy? Lock up your journals or destroy your writing as you go.


I'm not one to keep a journal these days. I go through my loose pages of writing every few days to see what thoughts I'd like to develop and then the rest gets torn up and recycled. You'll discover what works for you.


I look forward to exploring the fun of writing together!


When working with me, you'll learn the tools you need to demonstrate your confidence in calling in your dreams and actually living them. It's a journey of recognizing your inner strength and infinite creativity.


You might not realize it yet, but energy management is the secret sauce for living a happy and fulfilling life. I'll teach you simple yet powerful methods for accessing supportive energies.


If you grew up in a household that didn't feel safe, you know what it's like to self-abandon in order to survive. We'll practice ways of knowing your truth and speaking it by exploring relationship dynamics and writing.


Your intuition is another best kept secret because it's the key to your empowerment and liberation. Intuition at its simplest is about honoring your preferences and accessing knowledge quickly.


Healing is the process of recognizing that you are ALREADY whole. If we over-identify as broken, we get stuck in chasing the high of feeling healed. To integrate healing, one must expand and actually live life.

"I have had such an amazing experience working with Jenny. I actually just was offered a position
for my dream job; and a doubling of my salary!
I am so grateful!"

Client Testimonial

About Jenny Dipasupil

Her Filipino last name means "cannot be beat" and is pronounced (Dee-puh-sue-pull). 

Jenny (she/her) is an aspiring life coach with over two decades of training and professional experience in the fields of health and wellness, mental health, and energy medicine.

She uses her empathic gifts and expertise in Mind Body Healing to help clients reclaim their power and embody their authentic dreams. Her therapeutic approach is a playful mix of neuroscience-backed manifestation tools and intuitive guidance from the divine.

Her natural entryway into the mind-body-spirit-soul connection was through art-making as a child and teen. Her passion for studying the human condition, spirituality, and the creative spirit continues as both a personal and professional journey.


After getting her BA in Psychology in 2000 with a minor in Fine Art and Art History, Jenny went on to study and work in other human development fields including Art Therapy, before answering the call to the healing arts in 2007.


After fully engaging in all of the bodywork modalities that peaked her interest (over 1,000 hours of continuing education and 16+ years of experience), Jenny turned to energy work and coaching as fun and rewarding outlets for her creative spirit.

Heart-centered authenticity is her MO. Her intensity is tempered with silliness. It's her joy to be your vision holder and cheerleader when you need it the most.

In her free time, Jenny enjoys reconfiguring tiny spaces, getting lost in books, making a mess in the kitchen, and communing with nature, especially trees.


She dreams about a conscious, creative life filled with supportive community, joyful movement, painting, fun adventures with her partner, happy moments with her teenage daughter, and the journey of becoming an author.


​My approach to coaching works because we're focused on creating safety in your nervous system.


Have you ever noticed that when you feel safe and calm, you see more possibilities in front of you?

When your mind can trust your body and feel a sense of genuine internal safety, change can occur easily.


The fancy words for these nervous system regulation processes are self-regulation, co-regulation, neuroception, and interoception. This powerful tool kit is life changing when used daily.


By maintaining regulated states, you can more easily tune into your real desires in life, minus the pressures of people pleasing. 

We're not just aiming for relaxation! When you're able to intentionally create states of calm (i.e., being present and aware), you grow your capacity for holding stress without getting overwhelmed and anxious.


When mind and body team up with spirit and soul, you can finally bring your dreams to life AND have fun doing it! 



Connect here to learn more.

I look forward to helping you!

Thanks for connecting!

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